Amnesia - Halloween Update :D
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Video Type: Comedy

Description: In day today's video we star off Monster_JuJu, this will be his main playlist however he is joined by 3 other crew members (He couldn't do it on his own!). These 4 brave members investigate and explore 'Amnesia The Dark Descent'. Be warned of scary images and shitting of pants as they continue this 15 part series over the next month or two. Keep tuned to watch us much around with each other, trying to scare one another (Mainly Monster JuJu) Monster JuJu will be doing mainly scary PC games and Xbox games (In the future) But as his first series he has done us proud at Rabbit Arena. Monster JuJu is more commonly known as Jamie and we do alternate with the names within the recording (I know, its confusing). Please enjoy our series, please don't forget to subscribe, like and favorite the video! Comments are also much appreciated! (Especially good ones!) Although if you think there is some improvements we could add please say! You can get this game off Steam or Windows on Live Take a look at our website at where you can find alot more info about us, and also check out our Minecraft Server. Follow Rabbit Arena Twitter; @MrRabbitArena Tags: Amnesia "Amnesia the Dark Descent" "Amnesia PC Game" "Amnesia with Cometary" "Scary Pc Games" "Rabbit Arena" "Amnesia Scary Game" "Amnesia Free" "Amnesia Download" "Amnesia Recording" "Amnesia the Game" "Screeming in Amnesia" "PC Game (Video Game Platform)" "Game (Literature Subject)"