New DLC for Peggle 2
Written by JurassicJunkie on April 12 2014 11:00 AM
A few people have noticed that Peggle 2 has had 3 new achievements added this week, this can only mean one thing. New DLC!

Popcap who are the developers behind the incredibly addictive game Peggle have already rolled out a few new features for free, and also added new maps and game modes to their other hit game Plant vs Zombies, and so far all of the DLC has been for free.

We have contacted Popcap to see if they can confirm if the new DLC will be free or even just a release date. As of yet we have had no official response from Popcap, or even anything from them acknowledging that the DLC is a real thing.

The new achievements consists of the following:

Fairly Complete - Complete all Hallelujah Hollow Levels (50G)
Viva the Violet - Complete all Hallelujah Trails (25G)
Even. More. Cheevos - Complete 210 objectives (150G)
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