Sony parter with Virgin Media
Written by McNandy on September 07 2013 11:44 AM
If recent news is anything to go by, then gamers who use Virgin Media as their broadband provider who are planning on buying a PS4 as their next-gen console are in for a treat with some incredibly fast broadband. The news comes as Sony have struck a deal with Virgin Media (in the UK, and other ISPs throughout Europe), where according to SCEE boss Jim Ryan there will be "bits of the pipe left open to gamers".

This is good news for those of us who, like me, speculate that England's (and likely the rest of Europe's) average broadband speed would not be up to the mammoth task of streaming an entire game through Gaikai. When this feature was first announced I was incredibly sceptical, as not only are Sony's servers notorious for being incredibly slow at times, but the average broadband speed in the UK was roughly 14.7MB/s in May according to OfCom, the UK's communications industry regulator. With a partnership between Sony and Virgin Media leaving specific bandwidth dedicated to gaming, this low average speed hopefully should not hinder the service too much. I won't personally be expecting anything much for a long while until speeds are significantly increased, and recent announcements from Sony that the service will see a delayed launch in Europe only agree with this.

Being primarily a Playstation 3 user, this is good news for me as I have intended to stay in the Playstation half of the court since the announcement of both consoles - potentially having access to the speed of broadband that I *ahem* actually pay for will be a great start, and not having my bandwidth limited due to downloading games will be an added bonus.

So, do people think this gives Sony any form of edge of Microsoft?

Do you think that Microsoft will announce a partnership with BT, only to change their minds and state that this kind of partnership isn't in the interest of gamers? That is a little dig at Microsoft, I'll admit, but this kind of partnership doesn't enourage competition in the networking market which I am a strong advocate of.

Have a well articulated, mature discussion about the superiority one console very obviously has over every other console ever made, without insulting one another's mothers and sexuality. Go on, I challenge you.
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