A little Kickstarter story of a 9 year old girl.
Written by JurassicJunkie on March 25 2013 11:35 AM
Kickstarter is fastly becoming one of the best ways to get your game off the ground. Crowdfunding is becoming bigger by the day, and I for one support it, but sometimes a project comes along that doesn't seem to fit the Kickstarter model.

The story starts with a Kickstarter page by the name of 9 Year Old Building an RPG to Prove Her Brothers Wrong! that was posted by a lady of the Name Susan Wilson.

The Project is for Susan’s daughter Mackenzie Wilson who is 9 to be able to prove her mean older brothers wrong and for her to attend a RPG STEM Camp so she can make her own game.

Now first off this doesn't seem to bad, Young girl wants to make a game... hell I’m even opening up my wallet right now to donate..

Well first off all, we have a project that shouldn't really be on kickstarter as pointed out by their Community Guidelines

The rules state that you are not allowed any "fund my life" projects Examples include projects to pay tuition or bills, go on vacation, or buy a new camera.

Mackenzie page states she has a Mac Desktop and a KindleHD but would like her own laptop, as well as $829 to cover the cost of attending the RPG Stem camp (Both things are not allowed via Kickstarter guidelines)

So at this point you might just think I’m saying this is a wrong simply because they broke the rules? Well lets go a little deeper.

Susan Wilson is not just a parent trying to use kickstarter to help her daughter, but she is in fact the Founder and CEO of The Judgment Group.

Named to this year's FORTUNE List of the Top Ten Most Powerful Female Entrepreneurs, Susan Wilson is Founder & CEO of The Judgment Group. A member of Ernst & Young's prestigious Winning Women Program, Susan is now completing her third year of a three year executive education program at Harvard Business School.

Prior to starting The Judgment Group, Susan was a founding member and the Executive Vice President of a technology startup that raised $12 Million in venture capital, became kinkos.com, and was sold in 2000 to the copy giant Kinko’s for $100 Million.

Susan was even on CNN’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs list

Now credit has to be givent to Redditor Bro-jangles who pointed all of this out.

Bro Jangles has put his detective hat on and even looked up Susan on facebook and found she Won $1,500 on Roulette on spent in on shoes.

So at this point you might think this is a long way to go just to stop a young girl from getting her $829 goal, but this story of Girl VS Brother has been helped along with her mother using her twitter account send the same repeated message to many big names such as @venturingwomen, @WomenTechNews, @TechCrunch along with many more. This also goes against the Kickstart rules of “Spread the word but don't spam” and they point out spam is “Sending unsolicited @-replies on Twitter”.

The Project has now raised more than $21,498 with over 25 days left to pull in even more funding.

This is likely just the case of a mother trying to help her child break into the unforgiving world of gaming, but it definitely seems that she's going about it the wrong way if the mother is who she appears to be.

Source: Bro-Jangles’s Reddit post

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