Blackspace is a space RTS that looks great
Written by JurassicJunkie on October 08 2012 07:35 AM
When I browse Kickstart I find majority of the time any project I believe is going to be a success tend to be happily on their way to the goal set or have already smashed that total and are on the way to doubling it.

This weekend I came across a game by the name of Blackspace and was shocked to see that it only has 10 days left and its not even hit its half way marker for funding yet.

Blackspace is a unique action RTS with an emphasis on defense. Mine a cluster of anomalous asteroids and defend yourself. This might not sound groundbreaking but watch the video above and it blew me away.

Here is some more details from the kickstarter page

Blackspace is a defensive action / strategy game that takes place in the not too distant future, when asteroid mining has become common. Piloting a mining craft around a unique series of asteroids, you will be establishing mining operations while defending yourself from incoming enemies who loot and destroy.

The key features in this game are a destructible spherical play surface,direct control of the environment and extensive use of physics to make the experience more organic and non-formulaic. Upgrade and modify your ship and your operations to suit your play style.

For more details head over to Blackspace’s kickstarter page and try and help spread the word.
McNandy October 08 2012 10:57 AM
This does sound pretty sweet! Been a while since I've played a decent RTS, and especially one with a bit of innovation!
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