A last look at BF Vs CoD
Written by noobslayer247 on July 27 2012 08:18 AM
It’s a well-known fact that if you want a good first-person shooter, you get a game from either the Call of Duty franchise, or the Battlefield franchise. It’s also a fact that there are wildly varying opinions on which games are better, you have the hardcore CoD fans on one side, and the hardcore Battlefield fans on the other. I’ve played many games from both franchises and have found out that there is no clear-cut answer on which games are better.

With Call of Duty games, you have great online connection, decent graphics, and the fun of setting up custom and private servers with friends. However, voice chatting capabilities are mainly used for “trolling”, servers are filled to the brim with hackers, bullet and weapon physics aren’t realistic at all, and there are no drivable vehicles.

On the other hand, Battlefield has amazing graphics, lifelike physics, and drivable vehicles, to name a few wonderful benefits in the game. Unfortunately, online play is notorious for being very glitchy, and you have to pay extra for custom server capabilities. That being said, there aren’t many trolls or hackers on Battlefield games, and, brace yourself for this, but voice chat is actually used to HELP people! Imagine that!

These are just a few main points, but overall, with many years of gaming experience between the two franchises, I can safely say that Battlefield makes an overall better game. But don’t just take my word for it, buy, rent, or borrow a copy of CoD MW3 and a copy of BF3 and experience the truth!
obliviousowl August 30 2012 05:14 PM
I definitely agree on voice chat, I have fallen out with both games. However I still play with friends, and will be buying Black Ops 2 for zombies But... I will probably end up playing online.
ultra_gamer1000 August 02 2012 06:42 AM
WRONG!!! first of all if you've ever played online cod its not always filled with hackers and bullet and weapon physicals are realistic even the reload time (normal without slight of hand)is just about 100% correct and i heard this on the military channel spoken by a real expert shooter.He says if you've been dealing with guns for long enough and have your ammo in the right spot then it is just about normal speed.And no matter how you are killed the death is always the same even if your sniped right in the head he simply falls to his side totally unrealistic.And the shooting isnt realistic all it does is have that fire coming out as you shoot.And who cares about drivable vehicals i sure dont i simply care about shooting someone in the head and feeling good about it.Not that bf3 is a bad game because it isn't its just that it and call of duty are kind of the same.But i think cod as a special touch that just makes you want to come back and see what happens next in its campaign like at the end of mw2.Any real cod fan that finished its campaign cant say they didnt want to see what happened next.I think its just that people that suck at those kind of games judge them badly because they suck at one or the other but im good at all fps and i think they all are some what equal and fun.
jakejw93 July 29 2012 08:20 PM
Its all personal opinion really, I feel they're two completely different games in how they play and shouldn't be compared. Personally I prefer Battlefield and feel that Call of duty has gone downhill since Call of duty 4
RealKevinRW July 27 2012 04:47 PM
I've played Call of Duty since the very first game and they have gotten worse and worse. Battlefield is O.K. but I'm not planning on spending money on the new ones. I would say DayZ is a better game. CoD<BF<DayZ
ultra_gamer1000 August 02 2012 06:23 AM
I think he meant as far as war shooters went i dont think he was talking about zombie games.I think you might be looking for something like resident evil vs dayz.
BulbaSaw July 27 2012 12:26 PM
COD+BF3 < DayZ ... I said it guys. And this is comming from a Call of duty gamers since COD 2
McNandy July 27 2012 01:56 PM
Hah! Too true, too true...

Ever so slightly different kinds of games in my opinion though. Also... BF > CoD :P
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