What Are You Playing?
Written by McNandy on July 14 2012 11:45 AM
Here at GamingUnity, we've been somewhat addicted to DayZ lately to the point where when we can get on as a group everything else is put on hold whilst we play. Girlfriends feel neglected, simple tasks like changing wireless security are delayed for hours whilst we 'just hit this town' and online gaming faux pas, like eating whilst on group chat, are constantly commited without anyone caring. For us this weekend will be different. We will spend time away from desktop PCs and ... well, probably play some console games instead. Largely because we can't all get on at the same time.

This week has seen some gems and some lumps of coal released, in the form of Quantum Conundrum and Inversion (in europe) respectively. Inversion, the game that laughs at the laws of physics, sounded primising with it's gravity wells and other such phenomena that wouldn't be out of place in Arkady and Boris Strugatsky's Roadsite Picnic but has not been well received by critics only managing to achieve a mid-50s metacritic score. Quantum Conundrum, the latest mind bending set of puzzles from Portal's co-creator Kim Swift which tasks you with slowing down time, making things fluffy or completely inverting gravity to rescue your uncle. The Sims 3 also has a 'Diesel Stuff' expansion pack for it. Huh.

So, what are you playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!
Blazer July 19 2012 08:18 AM
My buds and I are in a slump. Seems like a year+ long slump. After League of Legends and Diablo3 totally bombed for us, we rewound the clock and tried to get back into Starcraft2. That lasted about a week. Eventually we discovered the "Squadron Tower Defense" mod for SC2, which held our interest for maybe another week, but is fading fast.

So, lately the only game for me that seems to have any staying power is "Pinball Arcade" for the PS3. No, I'm not kidding. Pinball Arcade is actually very, very good at fulfilling its niche. It faithfully recreates the classic 90's Williams and Bally pinball machines that are now collector's items -- games like Medieval Madness and Tales of the Arabian Nights (my two favorites). I hope to own those machines someday, but they are so collectible that they sell for $5k-$11k right now. So $10 Pinball Arcade will hold me for a while.

Meanwhile, my wife has become obsessed with SongPop. She plays online with a friend of ours who won the gameshow "Don't Forget the Lyrics." Seemingly no matter the genre, they both can "name that tune" in less than one second, every time. It's intimidating.
RealKevinRW July 14 2012 05:50 PM
I bought the rest of the Valve games I didn't own and The Binding of Isaac. I am going to try to get Borderlands, Killing Floor, and Spore also. I might get Spec Ops: The Line because someone recommended it. Any other cool games I should get?
Mad Mags July 14 2012 05:17 PM
I've been burning red ants with lighter fluid in my front garden in between sitting in a chair watching the missus doing the gardening and surveying my hood, one hand down my jeans and a beer in the other hand.

I won't get near the computer or the consoles this weekend until very late on as the kids are here and the boys are obsessed with minecraft whilst the littl 'un is well into making me proud singing along to Nirvana on a rock band/guitar hero. She has a pretty good voice too.

When I do get on the comp I will be beating/getting beaten by people online at 2012 London Olympics whilst resisting playing DayZ on my own so we can all meet up for the next play session.

Also looking forward to Jurassic Junkie's next episode of DayZ on youtube so I can see what he did after he left my corpse to be eaten by about 20 zombies.
BulbaSaw July 14 2012 12:47 PM
Well me and my buddies have been playing DayZ too. We are a group of 4 so it's kind of hard sometimes getting all of us online at the same time. But when we do we have some pretty long DatZ gaming sessions.

I've not bought anything on the Steam summersale yet because i honestly don't think my (shitty) laptop can run anything.

Been enjoying DayZ so far and i would really recommend people buying ARMA II CO while it's on the Steam summersale!

Good Weekend to everybody!
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