Final Fantasy VII Re-Release...On PC!
Written by TeldurUK on July 04 2012 08:30 PM
Did today herald the news many people were waiting for?

Is Final Fantasy VII being re-made? isn't. But, it is being re-released on the PC.

It won't be a straight forward port of the PC version, as the graphics will be upscaled slightly from those we remember from the Playstation (however, I'm pretty sure it'll only marginally make a difference.).

Other additions include a 'Character Booster' which in effect sounds like old videogame 'trainers' you could download for classic PC games. It'll allow you to change your character's levels, the amount of Gil (the title's in-game currency) you have and increase your HP and MP.

This PC re-release will feature 36 unlockable achievements. Expect an achievement for buying the villa in Costa Del Sol and getting hold of a Gold Chocobo.

The only other added feature is a 'Cloud Saving' option meaning you can continue with your save game on any PC with the game installed on (I wonder how much of an influence the lead characters name had on that decision?).

No release date yet, but it's believed to be relatively soon. It'll be available to download from Square-Enix's online download store, which leads me to believe this is Square trying to raise the profile of their online downloadable games.

Gutted that it's only coming out for the PC? Don't forget you can already download the PSOne classic via the Playstation Store to play on your PS3, PSP and also very soon your Vita.

You can find the official Final Fantasy VII PC website right here.
Jimmy_Beard July 09 2012 05:58 AM
The iPhone version of FF Tactics has completely reworked dialogue. Very well done actually, and the story seems infinitely better now I actually understand what's going on.
Maybe the same will happen here... but I hope they leave Barrett's 'golden shiny wire of hope' line in there.
McNandy July 05 2012 10:10 AM
Not massively worth it for me as I've got the downloadable on the PS3. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who's not experienced it before and isn't a graphics whore. Watch out for those literal translations though - they made perfect sense as a kid but I can't understand 5% of the dialogue in the game as an adult.
KensukeNL July 04 2012 09:20 PM
Well I'll definitely buy it even if it's just to relive the memmories of this awesome game, even though it's pretty much the same game but with achievements. I really hope they will put it on Steam though.
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