My first Dayz experience
Written by JurassicJunkie on June 30 2012 11:20 AM
I wake up, I’m on a beach, I don't know where I am or where any of my friends are.

I have a rucksack, a bandage and a horrible feeling in my stomach that I can only guess is fear.

I start making my way to a small town to try and work out my location while at the time my friends do the same, we can't see each other but keep in touch via headset.

After 15 minutes or so we all have a rough understand where we are, but the problem is it’s miles away from each other. We name a place on the map as a meet up point and each set off on our own way hoping we are even walking in the correct location.

I follow an old train track when I walk past what I thought was a small town by the name of Elektro I soon find it to be a Zombie hot spot, I hear a noise but have to quickly make the decision is it a normal zombie mumble or a hungry zombie with his eyes set on me? I don't take any chances and run, I chose wrong.

Now I have 5 zombies running after me, and thats when I see a ladder, a few seconds later i’m on a rooftop looking down on the zombies that are now running away? What happened? Did they just give up, and thats when I notice another human running at me. I hide in the hope he doesn't see me, but as he climbs the ladder I can hear "Friendly, Friendly don't shoot".

With no weapons I’m not a threat to him, but he doesn't know that yet. I walk up to him and he throws me a AK47 and says the words “Cover me”, and thats when I hear the sniper bullet fly past my head. We both duck down and wait for a few minutes and spend this time patching each other up.

He then turns to me and say’s “I’m going back down, if you don’t hear from me in 30 seconds, its not safe”, and 3 minutes pass and I’m still sat waiting.. hoping... for a voice but nothing.

I then check my weapon and realise I have no bullets, this is when my friends on headset tell me they have the bullets, and remind me of my mission to get to safety and meet up.

45 minutes have passed since I left that rooftop and I’m starting to panic that I’m getting a little dehydrated, so I take a quick look in a patrol station, the best thing I find is an empty bottle of Jack Daniles but I’m sure the bottle will come in handy so I place it in my bag. Thats when I noticed the zombie at the door way looking back at me.

I run, and it does to. I try going in and around trees to shake him off, but he is still coming, I feel his hand tear away at my flesh. I need water, I’m losing blood and I have the only weapon and im about to die. Thats when I see McNandy for the first time running from out the tree lines... running at me, but why? Then I head MadMags saying “You be the distraction for the zombies, and I will help Tom", and just like that I was saved they was waiting for me like we planned, I can now see McNandy running away with the zombies behind him, and I know its pointless trying to patch me up, im a goner, I say my goodbyes to MadMags, hand him my supplies and take a moment to look at the sky before my eyes get heavy and I leave this world.

I then spawn again another 100 miles away, and shout out "Where the hell am I now"?

Addition: Please be aware that you need both Arma II AND Arma II: Operation Arrowhead to install and access the DayZ Alpha Mod We used these instructions
charlie henry1234 September 23 2012 07:35 PM
can you just sell it on ebay because i do like ebay so i can buy it so come on sell it on line
objectivecharlie June 30 2012 05:12 PM
i bought arma 2 and didnt realise you need arrowhead so annoyed atm lol
RealKevinRW June 30 2012 05:51 PM
Same here, I could've bought Combined Operations but I didn't know you needed it for DayZ :(
McNandy July 01 2012 02:33 PM
Sorry guys! As we didn't mention what games are required to get the mod we assumed that people would look elsewhere for information on how to get the mod. I've clarified in the article and linked to the instructions we used to get it installed.
Mad Mags June 30 2012 01:08 PM
I can see a goat!
JurassicJunkie June 30 2012 01:14 PM
My surround sound headphones sound like a pedo ;)
McNandy June 30 2012 02:22 PM
I've just realised that I still have the same player going that was the zombie distraction!
objectivecharlie June 30 2012 12:09 PM
just bought arma 2 now so tonight hopefully will be dedicated to dayz! on fnr u said about members meeting up whens it going to happen because it would be great cheers pal
objectivecharlie June 30 2012 12:08 PM
just bought arma 2 now so tonight hopefully will be dedicated to dayz! on fnr u said about members meeting up whens it going to happen because it would be great cheers pal
JurassicJunkie June 30 2012 12:14 PM
Well the way the game works is, if you quit the game, you load back in the same point, no matter what server your on. So all 3 of us have quit in the same place. So when we go on again tonight I think we will put a post on the discussion saying where we are if anyone wants to meet up
obliviousowl June 30 2012 12:04 PM
Lol, Dayz sounds fun. I can't wait to get but i'm skint :(
JurassicJunkie June 30 2012 12:13 PM
It might drop in a steam sale
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