Guild Wars 2 Release Date
Written by TeldurUK on June 29 2012 01:08 PM
Mark your diaries people, August 28th will see the release of the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online game Guild Wars 2.

A quote from ArenaNet president Mike O'Brien:

After five years of creation, development, and polish, announcing the launch date of Guild Wars 2 is a huge milestone for us, but the thing we’re most looking forward to is seeing gamers from all over the globe explore this world and begin creating their own stories.

I got hands on briefly with Guild Wars 2 last September at the Eurogamer Expo in London. I really enjoyed the visual style of the game and enjoyed using the various classes on offer. The animations (especially when casting spells) look fantastic, and while the game may share similar traits with other popular MMOs it has it's own original ideas to prove this is no copy-cat. The PvP elements in particular look great.

If you preorder via the official site you can gain access to the titles beta. Check out for details.
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