What Are You Playing?
Written by McNandy on June 15 2012 08:00 PM
Here in the UK we're bracing to get hit by the tail end of a tropical storm (it's a rarity over here, so we're allowed to make a big thing of it) so this can only mean one thing - staying in and playing lots of games. GamingUnity has seen a significant increase in users this week, so myself and JurassicJunkie will be spending a lot of time making a few minor changes to the site to make it a bit smoother to use.

It's another week of few major releases here in the UK, with Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3 and 360) being one of them and Gravity Rush (Vita) being the other. Heroes of Ruin is also being released for the 3DS. There are a couple of other not so sought after releases and a couple of downloadable games out. I'm not going to mention these due to differences between regions though so as not to disappoint anyone who finds out something isn't available in their area.

When not working on the site this weekend, I'll be playing Max Payne and Minecraft whilst looking after the best 16.5 year old dog ever.

So everyone, what are you playing this Fathers' Day weekend?
The Precursor June 18 2012 08:12 PM
Yeah, it gets pretty tough at the end, but it's all worth it. The narrative in the game is just incredible.
K3fka June 18 2012 03:24 AM
I've been replaying Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2, as well as playing Mario Kart 7 as usual.
JurassicJunkie June 18 2012 11:31 AM
BTW you can submit your Mario Kart video if you want as we have added an extra week to the competition
BulbaSaw June 18 2012 02:29 AM
Got to play some good old Counter Strike with some buddies this weekend. I love that game.
Broseph June 16 2012 08:09 PM
I shall be spending my time on amnesia. I enjoy being scared the crap out of in video games so this is a rare treat for me
JurassicJunkie June 18 2012 12:30 AM
So far I love this game
JurassicJunkie June 18 2012 12:30 AM
So far I love this game
tojo84 June 16 2012 12:05 PM
Gravity Rush on ps vita and i think im going to start Alice on ps3 :)
RottenToTheCore June 16 2012 08:37 AM
I'm going to play through Dead Space 2, again.
But this time in one sitting, lights out, at night.
JurassicJunkie June 16 2012 09:02 AM
I keep saying it but I bloody need to finish Dead Space 1
JurassicJunkie June 16 2012 06:30 AM
I'm going to try and suck it up and get Amnesia finished, and also have a blast on Super Meat Boy.

Now that McNandy has a good card I can see myself jumping on and playing Minecraft
Mad Mags June 16 2012 12:02 AM
Kids weekend so I get to play Wii and watch the boys play minecraft. Just reinstalling Left 4 Dead 2 to hopefully show how crap I am to Nemesis. Other than that hoping for some Max Payne 3 MP on steam and dragging McNandy onto Tribes:Ascend with his natty new(ish)graphics card and PSU.
Mad Mags June 16 2012 02:08 AM
Oh and I may challenge the boys to a Father's Day FIFA Street tournament on Xbox.. as long as they know that if I lose I will be throwing the controller across the room before giving them a lecture on how to be a good loser.
Mad Mags June 17 2012 10:30 AM
Seems I am spending father's day listening to my 6 yr old singing on Rock Band whilst I make Sunday lunch. Happy Father's day!
McNandy June 18 2012 05:44 PM
Sounds like a good one to me! We'll definitely have to get on Tribes soon as well, I want to see what it looks like with a framerate higher than about 12.
The Precursor June 15 2012 11:38 PM
Halo: Reach, SWBF2, Minecraft and probably some Max Payne 3. Just waiting for the Steam Summer sale...
McNandy June 18 2012 05:45 PM
I'm so close to the end of Max Payne now it's getting quite a challenge. On what I believe is the last chapter and slightly stuck on the first fight.
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