New Gears Title Incoming
Written by TeldurUK on May 31 2012 05:20 PM
As mentioned in the last post here on GU, E3 is of course just around the corner. If you weren't already tempted by the Microsoft conference, you may very well be now.

Game Informer (a popular games magazine in the U.S.) has gone and announced what will be gracing it's next issues cover.

Ladies and gents, it's the next Gears of War game. And it's heading to the Xbox 360.

Further details will be announced during the Microsoft conference on Monday. Epic Games already confirmed a little while back that the rumored Kinect Gears game had been canned, so what could this title be.

A prequel?

A new lead character?

Study that cover folks, let's hear your thoughts below...

My thanks to Game Informer for the original article.
JurassicJunkie June 02 2012 09:17 PM
I would have thought they would hold that back for E3
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