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Sleeping Dogs

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Sleeping Dogs
Mad Mags

The best thing I can say about Sleeping Dogs is that it is a lot of fun. It does a lot of things well but nothing brilliantly. The main story is pretty predictable but enjoyable and you do find yourself drawn into it. The characters are pretty much staples of the genre. The best aspect of the game is the unarmed combat. Its easy to use and if you visit the dojo with enough collectable idols you learn some pretty useful combos. My favourite being the one where you break an enemies leg ina satisfying crunchy way that makes all the other people you are fightinh wince. For some reason though the person whose leg you broke is still able to stand up and kick you in the face with their broken leg. Armed combat is pretty much cover based. Come out of cover for too long and you are pretty much dead. Driving in the game is smooth and getting into what looks like a lambo for the first time is a bit of a buzz as it proper shifts through the streets. Graphically the game is solid. I noted a few little glitches on the PC version but nothing that got in the way. Lighting is good and the animation is also good. Considering Hong Kong is supposed to be one of the most crowded cities in the world it's surprising how few people and cars there are out and about. There's enough to make it feel like the place is alive but I never felt that life was going on around me in the same way I did in Liberty City. Although it has to be said the amount of vehicles and people around about you as you travel about is pretty much the same as in GTA IV. Sleeping Dogs is a good 20 hour blast with a decent storyline. I felt the side missions lacked a little and that there weren't enough of them to keep my interest once I'd completed the main story and the side cases but overall I enjoyed the game and would recommend it to anyone who likes this genre. I might say to wait until you can get it at a discounted price on Steam if you are a PC gamer or perhaps just rent it if you are on a console.