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Mass Effect 3

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Exclusive Mass Effect 3 game for Nintendo Wii U.

As I watched Nitnendo's E3 press conference today I saw some surprises which made me as a Nintendo fan very happy. The biggest surprise of all came as part of Nintendo press package that was release 30 minutes after their E3 press conference. It was a game we saw a tailer for in the conference and I was shocked to learn not only is Mass Effect 3 coming to Wii U but it is a whole reworked game.

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back will be an exclusive "enhanced" version with a new story. I am not sure what they mean exactly by enhanced in the press kit email so I put it in quotes. The one thing I can show you is the video that released after the conference as well.

So check out the new exclusive version of Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back. Coming only to Wii U.

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Mass Effect: Extended Cut

When the internet starts shouting about something it can soon start to snowball, and in this case...Bioware had to listen.

I've not finished Mass Effect 3 yet, nor have I read Jurassic Junkie's post about the end of ME3 (its been hard not to read any spoilers thus far) however it seems an awful lot of people have. And a fair number of them didn't like any of the available endings.

So, in an attempt to please it's loyal followers, today Bioware announced it will be releasing a free piece of downloadable content during the summer. Mass Effect: Extended Cut will build on the events that take place at the end of Mass Effect 3. The following quote is from the studio's co-founder, Dr. Ray Muzyka

[quote]With the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut we think we have struck a good balance in delivering the answers players are looking for while maintaining the team's artistic vision for the end of this story arc in the Mass Effect universe.[/quote]

Bioware hope to answer a number of the unanswered questions that people have raised with this extra portion of this year's probable 'Game of The Year' candidate.

Like I said, I haven't finished it personally yet, however I'm split on the decision to extend the end of the game. While it'll be great to find out further answers, will it also feel out of place? The studio knew where they wanted to end the story, so shouldn't it have been left alone?
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