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Minecraft is a 3-D game where you can build whatever your heart desires! Explore treacherous terrain while fighting explosive dildos and the undead! Don't mind the graphics of the game, they are meant to be blocky.
Europe Release: 2012-11-11 Publisher: Mojang
America Release: 2012-11-11 Developer: Mojang
Japan Release: 2012-11-11 Genre: N/A
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That's Racist

If you change your language settings to Afrikaans in minecraft you will be greeted with message "you are a NIGGER".

The problem is Mojang has allowed the users to submit translations for the menus and this comment has gone unnoticed until the Kotaku's Mike Fahey changed his settings.

Jens Bergensetn Tweeted "Sorry about that =( I thought I had banned that user"

This is sadly what can happen when you allow users to submit data.
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Gaming Community

This is a gaming website, we talk about games... we review games.. we even share videos with each other, but we dont play together.

So with the launch of GamingUnity 2 coming soon we want to build on a list of in game communities for GU members. The first game is going to be Mario Kart 7. So if you own this game join the group with the number 17-9486-7093-2319.

Next up is going to be our Minecraft server but due to issue with our host this has been delayed a week.

If you want to see a GamingUnity community set up on another game then let us know in the comments and we can start to build a large collection of games.
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Just one more block

So as we keep barking on about the new GamingUnity website, both McNandy and I are putting in many hours to try and get the new site up and running as soon as we can, but if there are any delays on the site the above video can explain why.

If you enjoyed the above video its worth checking out Dan Bull's youtube page who has some great gaming videos such as Skyrim Epic rap, and a very good video about SOPA
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