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WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

While at home one evening, Wario turns on his TV to see a special report on video game sales going up, all due to popular games like Pyoro (shown by the reporter). After thinking for a few seconds, Wario realizes that video games may be a potential gold mine for him. The next morning, he rushes out and buys a laptop computer and immediately gets to work. He starts making games, but realizes that it's hard work, so he calls his friends to come and make games. Thus, WarioWare, Inc. is formed, with Wario as President of the company. Eventually, the company produces a game: Warioware Inc. It makes a large amount of money, and Wario takes it all for himself. He escapes the company building in a rocket, only for Dr. Crygor to crash into it, causing it to crash into the sea, along with all the company profits. Wario is later shown making his way back to dry land, with Crygor in tow, saying "Either way, I'm still a cad! I hate everybody!".
Europe Release: 2003-05-23 Publisher: Nintendo
America Release: 2003-05-26 Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Japan Release: 2003-03-21 Genre: N/A
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Wario Ware Inc Review for GBA

Today i review Wario Ware Inc for the GBA one of my favourite handheld titles of all time! Hope you guys enjoy a better edited video than you are used to from me :).
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