Nintendo 3DS

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Europe Release: 2011-03-25
America Release: 2011-03-27
Japan Release: 2011-02-26

RIP 3DS Aqua Blue

Have you been eyeing up a new colour for your 3DS? Well you might want to keep of your Aqua Blue as Nintendo are to stop producing them.

Nintendo's site tell us:

[quote]Scheduled to end production shortly[/quote]

But there is no reason why, one can only guess this is to make room for a new line of colours. If you are planning to keep it to sell it as a "rare" in a few years you would be doing the same as millions of other gamers, but its worth knowing if you do sell your Aqua Blue you will only be able to buy a second hand one back in the future, so this might have swayed your decision as to sell it or not.
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The 3DS gets a new colour next month in North America

Well Nintendo has done it, they have announced a new system colour due out with the release of Mario Tennis in may. The new Royal Purple colour is quite pretty if I do say so myself it also reminds me of the Honey Queen hmmm.... wonder if this purple 3DS would make me a better Mario Kart 7 player? Oh probably not but it does look pretty.
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Always clear your data!

The second hand games market is something that helps many of us in experiencing more games on a limited budget. It lets us impulse buy more games than we might be able to, and trade those we've finished to knock even more off the price. I recently took advantage of this by trading in 20 of my completed / unloved games to get a 3DS and Zelda before going away on holiday. This is the first second hand console I've bought from this generation that encourages us to store semi-personal data on most media, and I've always wondered if the shop you sell to would take the time to ensure this data is kept private by wiping the memory.

I discovered that unfortunately this is not always the case, when I booted up my 3DS and one of the built-in games to find a photo of the previous owner smoking weed. This didn't really bother me but could have definitely lead to some awkward questions had the 3DS gone to a child, even more so if the previous owner had decided to take some more illicit 3D photos. I contacted the CEO of Game / Gamestation to let him know of this and asked if it was their store policy. As expected, apparently it is store policy to clear the data from all consoles that are bought. I was assured that the importance of wiping all data from any console they buy would be stressed with their training department. As well as that, I received £25 compensation which is awful kind!

Still, I can't help but think that I wouldn't sell a console to a shop that had a photo of me smoking a bong on it. Granted, it was probably one of the previous owners' friends but it's still quite foolish. So remember everyone - always clear the data from anything you sell back to a shop as you can't guarantee they will do it for you.
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Are smart phones going to kill handhelds

Personally I’m not a big handheld fan, that’s nothing to do with device but my problem is I don’t have time to handheld game as well play on my consoles, but for a lot of people (like my girl friend) they are ideal and are a great time killer while your sat on a bus on the way to work.

A poll has come back showing that there is a drop of 29% in handheld gamers over the past 5 years. I think the biggest reason for this drop could be simply down to how powerful our phones are becoming. New handheld devices are now coming out the same price as a console, so I can understand people being put off by the price tag when they have a phone in their pocket.

Well ok our phones don’t have the power of the Vita, or popping out graphics like the 3DS but phone companies are always working on new things so I wouldn’t surprise me if the phones will be able to do all of the above in a few years?

So what do you think? Will the mobile phone become the Hand Held killer? Or will we always want handhelds and our physical games?
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3DS Hacked

We knew it would happen, it was just a case of when. The team at R4 have now started work on the 3DS model, this video shows it working but due to the hardware size they wont be selling it just yet, but thats the hard part out of the way so it wont be long until we get to read up on some Nintendo VS R4 lawsuits again
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