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Interview with Deco Digital regarding their Xbox One robot sports game

Deco Digital are a new independent studio based in Derby in the United Kingdom who have partnered up with the established developer Bevel Studio to bring a unique robot sports game to the Xbox One.

Alongside making a game, they are also being filmed by Phoenix Cosmic who plan to produce a documentary about the team;s decision not to use their university degrees to simply join another run of the mill developer, but instead get stuck in and create their own game and studio. The documentary will rely on crowdfunding for completion, whilst the game is being funded by the team themselves.

We got a chance to interview Joe Brammer from Deco Digital regarding the game and documentary via email. Read the interview below:

-So What is the Game and How Does it Work?
We can’t say a lot at the moment but we’re pretty pleased with what we’re working on. We can tell you it’s a robot sports game where you can play with up to 4 friends at a time. You will be able to customize your own robot and compete against friends in multiple game modes as well as competing for high scores in the single player game modes. But we’re hoping to be at GDC Europe in Cologne this summer where we’ll have a playable version of the game, but no promises on that front. We’ve got playable builds of the game but nothing that we’d want to show yet, we think it’s going to be fun.

-Was this a project formed at University, or was it an idea you have had for many years?
The idea isn’t really something that was developed at University. It was more that during our time at university we wanted less and less to go and work for someone else. The people at Deco Digital are extremely hard working and passionate, we felt that going to work in an already established studio might restrict us in our abilities and make work seem more like work. At the moment, we live for coming into the studio, we are voluntarily crunching this week to get closer to beta.

-What does your game do different to others?
Although we can’t say much about what we’re working on we can say what we have is a good solid game. When we began designing it the keys were a game that was very entertaining but was also challenging and you could be in the game quickly, you didn’t have to spend 15 minutes loading it up finding a match. We want everything to be there for you, there are online and offline game modes and lots of achievements and weekly competitions planned, so it’s all very exciting.

-What will the £2,500 be used for?
The money from the kickstarter campaign will be used to produce a documentary following the development cycle of our indie game studio from Day 1 to the release of the game. The documentary will be shown in 1080p and will be made available online for free. The money will cover the cost of a film crew to film and edit the footage for the duration of the project (6 months). It will also cover things such as a composer and sound engineers. Finally physical DVD’s and shipping costs as well as the kickstarter fees and taxes we have to pay. It won’t be used to fund the game we’re developing we’re surviving off our own backs and savings from student loans to develop this.

-How Far Are You Into the Project?
Currently the documentary is being filmed as if we will be receiving the funding, we have been filming from a few weeks before we started full time work in the studio following how we prepared for setting up the studio all the way to where we are now which is tech demos and alpha builds of gamemodes. We have produced a trailer with the footage we have from the last few months that gives a low budget example of what the final film will look like. You can see it on the Kickstarter page or on YouTube, both links are posted below.

-When will we get to see it?
So we plan to release the documentary around January 2014, after we finish development. The film crew edit the documentary every week so they piece it together over 6 months then at the end they’ll throw out what they don’t need or add things in where needed.

-Why did you pick Xbox over the PlayStation or Wii U
For us, we had the option to choose between Playstation and Xbox One, and we still do although we currently don’t have anything agreed with Sony, there is nothing to say that we won’t be porting the game to Playstation as well, we’ll leave that door open, once we’ve got the game closer to the finished product then we’ll start to look into it more. Xbox have been great to us, if we’re honest initially when they announced the Xbox One we we’re shocked at some of the decisions they’d made but what shocked and impressed us even more was when they listened to that community of developers and gamers and adjusted their strategy. Making a program like ID@Xbox has been great for us, they’ve taken care of us and regularly check in to see how we’re getting on. Not to mention receiving the dev kits swiftly.

-Why should we back this project?
We’ve seen the ending of game development and we’ve seen a post-development analysis but we haven’t seen a documentary following game development from start to finish . We really hope that it might help young people or anyone considering a career in the games industry, whether it tells them that it isn’t for them or it fuels them to put in the hours to be successful in the games industry. We can’t do it without this little bit of funding, all the money we have is going towards developing the game and food. We think the community will want to see this film, that’s why we’re making it free to release. We just need their backing now, if they really do want to see it we’re confident they’ll support us now, we understand having no money, we’re going through it now! But if you can’t back us with money, back us with a share on facebook or a tweet, we appreciate everyone’s support!

For more information on this project please visit their Kickstarter and Facebook.
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Titanfall console bundle announced

With the up and coming new blockbuster Titanfall just around the corner Microsoft have announced a new Titanfall console bundle.

The package comes with Xbox one and Kinect, controller, headset, Titanfall Digital game and one months Xbox Live gold.

I want to point out the console and the controller are the standard Xbox black version, you do not get the Titanfall controller with it sadly.

The price is set at £399.99 in the UK and $499 for America.
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Dayz could be coming to the consoles

Dan Hall the brains behind Dayz is hard at work with his team trying to get the game into Alpha by the end of this month. Eurogamer reports he is also looking to port the new standalone game over to consoles.

He has spoken with both Sony and Microsoft but appears to be pulling more to Sony.

[quote]Sony lets you self-publish and they don't make you pay for updates, Microsoft requires you to have a publisher. They have no digital distribution strategy and they require you to pay $10,000, or whatever it is, for updates[/quote]

Anyone who has played Dayz before understands this is a game that rolls out patches by the bucket load, and the idea of being charged for each update is understandably off putting.
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The Xbox One and PS4 added to GamingUnity

Very quick and simple update, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been added to the site.

The list of known current games for both consoles have also been added to our ever growing database.

So start adding the consoles / games to your wish list so we can work out what looks to be the most wanted product this year!

List of Xbox One games

List of PlayStation 4 games
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