Sony Vita

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Europe Release: 0000-00-00
America Release: 0000-00-00
Japan Release: 0000-00-00

Jet Set Radio is coming to the Vita

Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio as its known in America) has to be one of my favourite Dreamcast Games of all time. So I was a happy man to know it was getting a HD release on XBL and PSN.

But news has come out now it will also be getting a Vita release and I'm now even more happy as I dont feel like I use my Vita enough but a HD Jet Set Radio with touch-screen motion controls will certainly make me steal the Vita from my girlfriend.
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Crystal White PS Vita

Find your Black Vita boring? Well why not try white.

The new "Crystal White PS Vita" Will be going on sale in Japan in June and will be available for both Wifi and 3G models. Sony are also launching Crystal White carrying pouch, leather case, strap and inner ear headset.

No Details are out as of yet as to release dates anywhere else
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Vita hack opens up entire PS3 Library to be playable on the system.

Before the launch of the Vita their were a few videos that showed PS3 games being played on the Vita using the remote play feature. Might I add one of the best selling features for me at least for the system. After the system was launched though anyone who tried to use the feature found that it did not work with any existing PS3 disk based games. In fact it only worked with one downloadable title. Now many rumours about the Vita's firmware have been talked about online and one of a "modification" through download to the PS3 and Vita allowing users to exploit the remote play feature was quite popular. Guess what? It's true. Gamespot confirmed that the Vita was in fact hacked and that the entire PS3 Library is playable on the system. How awesome is that! The only catch is you need to make a "modification" to both your PS3 and your Vita and yes by "modification" I do mean hack the firmware on both. So far Sony has not responded on this issue.

Many of the video's of Battlefield 3 and other big title games playing on the Vita have been remove from Youtube for obvious reasons but I was able to find one demonstration video (yes sorry it's in spanish and not english) but for anyone who own's a PS3 it show how easily this hack can be done. Enjoy the video I'm off to play some Fat Princess on my Vita!
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