Sega Mega Drive / Genesis

The Mega Drive / Genesis is a fourth-generation video game console released by Sega in Japan in 1988 and Europe, Australia and other PAL regions in 1990. The console was released in North America in 1989 under the name Sega Genesis, since Sega was unable to secure legal rights to the Mega Drive name in that region. The Mega Drive was Sega's third home console and the successor to the Sega Master System, with which it is electronically compatible. The Mega Drive was the first of its generation to achieve notable market share in Europe and North America. The Mega Drive was originally launched to compete with the Nintendo Entertainment System and NEC's PC-Engine. Two years later, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the competition between the two would dominate the 16-bit era of video gaming. The Mega Drive began production in Japan in 1988 and ended with the last new licensed game being released in 2002 in Brazil.

Europe Release: 1990-11-30
America Release: 1989-08-14
Japan Release: 1988-10-29
Type: Gameplay | Uploader: Riddler

Retro gaming with a modern twist

What would happen if the Sega Mega Drive was given the great features of today's consoles? Hell is what would happen... pure hell.
Type: Comedy | Uploader: JurassicJunkie

Making a Joystick Project Part 1

I grabbed some spare parts and my son and I have been building this and I feel I am close enough to show some of it. I had planned on finishing it this weekend, but both of my sons caught the plague so we are finishing it next weekend. By finishing I mean making it functional and assembled. I plan on putting some artistic flourishes on it once completed.
Type: Mod | Uploader: JakalairVG

Mega Drive Review

If the Nintendo Entertainment System resurrected the console gaming industry in the west, then the Mega Drive redefined it showing us the future of not just the games but also the business as a whole including the marketing model adopted by future companies like Sony & Microsoft as well as the "razor and blade" sales model. Sadly though it also left behind important lessons for future producers too.
Type: Review | Uploader: ReplayRetro