Nintendo DS

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Europe Release: 2005-03-11
America Release: 2004-11-21
Japan Release: 2004-12-02

Make Diamond Trust of London happen

Most kickstarter programs are so far from finished that they never get off the ground. This is not the case for Diamond Trust of London. The game is 100% finished and 100% approved by Nintendo to sell as a physical cart. The only snag is the cost of the first order $78,715 needed to manufacture the game. So what can you do to help? First you can watch the video make sure this is a game you are interested in then you can simply pre order the game. If the campaign reaches it's goal you will be charged for your game and receive it. If it does not then you will not be charged and it looks like this really great two player strategy game won't see the light of day. So all of those out there in favour of indy games here is your chance to own something only for the Nintendo DS and get a physical copy. To see the Kickstarter campaign please click the link below.

Diamond Trust of London
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