Interview with Deco Digital regarding their Xbox One robot sports game
Deco Digital are a new independent studio based in Derby in the United Kingdom who have partnered up with the established developer Bevel Studio to bring a unique robot sports game to the Xbox One.

Alongside making a game, they are also being filmed by Phoenix Cosmic who plan to produce a documentary about the team;s decision not to use their university degrees to simply join another run of the mill developer, but instead get stuck in and create their own game and studio. The documentary will rely on crowdfunding for completion, whilst the game is being funded by the team themselves.

We got a chance to interview Joe Brammer from Deco Digital regarding the game and documentary via email. Read the interview below:

-So What is the Game and How Does it Work?
We can’t say a lot at the moment but we’re pretty pleased with what we’re working on. We can tell you it’s a robot sports game where you can play with up to 4 friends at a time. You will be able to customize your own robot and compete against friends in multiple game modes as well as competing for high scores in the single player game modes. But we’re hoping to be at GDC Europe in Cologne this summer where we’ll have a playable version of the game, but no promises on that front. We’ve got playable builds of the game but nothing that we’d want to show yet, we think it’s going to be fun.

-Was this a project formed at University, or was it an idea you have had for many years?
The idea isn’t really something that was developed at University. It was more that during our time at university we wanted less and less to go and work for someone else. The people at Deco Digital are extremely hard working and passionate, we felt that going to work in an already established studio might restrict us in our abilities and make work seem more like work. At the moment, we live for coming into the studio, we are voluntarily crunching this week to get closer to beta.

-What does your game do different to others?
Although we can’t say much about what we’re working on we can say what we have is a good solid game. When we began designing it the keys were a game that was very entertaining but was also challenging and you could be in the game quickly, you didn’t have to spend 15 minutes loading it up finding a match. We want everything to be there for you, there are online and offline game modes and lots of achievements and weekly competitions planned, so it’s all very exciting.

-What will the £2,500 be used for?
The money from the kickstarter campaign will be used to produce a documentary following the development cycle of our indie game studio from Day 1 to the release of the game. The documentary will be shown in 1080p and will be made available online for free. The money will cover the cost of a film crew to film and edit the footage for the duration of the project (6 months). It will also cover things such as a composer and sound engineers. Finally physical DVD’s and shipping costs as well as the kickstarter fees and taxes we have to pay. It won’t be used to fund the game we’re developing we’re surviving off our own backs and savings from student loans to develop this.

-How Far Are You Into the Project?
Currently the documentary is being filmed as if we will be receiving the funding, we have been filming from a few weeks before we started full time work in the studio following how we prepared for setting up the studio all the way to where we are now which is tech demos and alpha builds of gamemodes. We have produced a trailer with the footage we have from the last few months that gives a low budget example of what the final film will look like. You can see it on the Kickstarter page or on YouTube, both links are posted below.

-When will we get to see it?
So we plan to release the documentary around January 2014, after we finish development. The film crew edit the documentary every week so they piece it together over 6 months then at the end they’ll throw out what they don’t need or add things in where needed.

-Why did you pick Xbox over the PlayStation or Wii U
For us, we had the option to choose between Playstation and Xbox One, and we still do although we currently don’t have anything agreed with Sony, there is nothing to say that we won’t be porting the game to Playstation as well, we’ll leave that door open, once we’ve got the game closer to the finished product then we’ll start to look into it more. Xbox have been great to us, if we’re honest initially when they announced the Xbox One we we’re shocked at some of the decisions they’d made but what shocked and impressed us even more was when they listened to that community of developers and gamers and adjusted their strategy. Making a program like ID@Xbox has been great for us, they’ve taken care of us and regularly check in to see how we’re getting on. Not to mention receiving the dev kits swiftly.

-Why should we back this project?
We’ve seen the ending of game development and we’ve seen a post-development analysis but we haven’t seen a documentary following game development from start to finish . We really hope that it might help young people or anyone considering a career in the games industry, whether it tells them that it isn’t for them or it fuels them to put in the hours to be successful in the games industry. We can’t do it without this little bit of funding, all the money we have is going towards developing the game and food. We think the community will want to see this film, that’s why we’re making it free to release. We just need their backing now, if they really do want to see it we’re confident they’ll support us now, we understand having no money, we’re going through it now! But if you can’t back us with money, back us with a share on facebook or a tweet, we appreciate everyone’s support!

For more information on this project please visit their Kickstarter and Facebook.
There have been lost of rumours going around that we might see The Last of us make its way to the PlayStation 4. Finally we have confirmation from Sony who have said we will be seeing the remastered version hit the PlayStation 4 this summer.

The following details was posted on the PlayStation Blog.

We’ve released a ton of additional content since The Last of Us launched in June 2013, including our first ever single player expansion, Left Behind. We’re happy to say that the major content releases will be included with The Last of Us Remastered:

*Left Behind single player expansion
*Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack
*Reclaimed Territories pack – details will be coming soon on exactly what is included

Whether you are new to The Last of Us or have played it already on the PS3, we hope you are all looking forward to this release. We are!
You can preorder The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 right now from many of your favorite retailers and receive these preorder bonuses:

*100 Supply Points (XP) for use in Factions mode
*Two special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign
*Increased Crafting Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign
*Increased Healing Speed for use in the Single Player Campaign
*9mm Reload Speed Increase Upgrade for use in the Single Player Campaign
*Rifle Clip Capacity Increase Upgrade for use in the Single Player Campaign

If you preorder on the PlayStation Store, you will receive three extra preorder bonuses to unlocks in Factions multiplayer:

*Early Access to the Brawler Survival Skill in Factions Mode
*Early Access to additional Loadout Points for use in Factions mode
*Early Access to the Jeep Cap and Surgical Mask for use in Factions mode

Now that we’ve finally gotten the official announcement out of the way, we’ll be keeping you updated regularly about The Last of Us Remastered until it releases Summer 2014.
You might have noticed a few things starting to change around here; we're currently upgrading a fair few things ready to roll out GamingUnity 3.0. It’s going to be some time before the site will be fully updated and all the new features will be up and working but we wanted to let you know not to be concerned if a few things break.

We have big plans for the new site, there will be some great new features, but for us to complete this task it means our database needs to optimized, migrated to a new system and lots of code will need updating to cater for this. However, this will massively streamline the site and make future upgrades and additional feature much more painless to integrate with the rest of the site.

All of your current data such as collection information and content you have added is all safe and will be transferred over to the new site so you can continue to use GamingUnity like normal, so you needn't be concerned that the significant game collections we can see you have might be lost.

We can only apologise in advance if you see any problems with the site, but due to the way everything ties to everything else, every time we add a new feature it could well break an old one. We must admit, this is largely due to the excitable way in which we wrote the original site - we would think of a feature and the quickest way to implement it. Now everything is being completely ripped apart and designed from the ground up as we now have a much better idea of how we want the site to tie together. Without wanting to sound too much like middle management, we really have a clear vision for the site now.

We will keep you updated as and when we add new parts to the site so keep your eyes on the news feed.

We rolled out a few new features the other, for example if you now hover over any game for 2 seconds it will allow you to add this to your collect, wish list or completed list. This is a reworking of the existing quick add capability, but we think that it impacts less on the appearance of the page - go check it out!

Thanks for your patience, it will all be worth it in the end.

The GamingUnity Team.
Playing games from a web browser is nothing new, but with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 having HTML5 support means some of these games can now be played on the console. Sadly most games have keyboard and mouse in mind - and that's where steps in.

If you visit the website from your console you will be greeted with an ever growing list of free games to play on your Xbox One.

All the games have been tested with the Xbox One controller to make sure they can be played with either the analog stick or the d-pad.

So knock yourself out with hours of fun from Pac Man to Free Rider HD.
Collectors love to collect, its what they do. We have seen many types of collections ranging from full Mega Drive collections to sealed figures, and if anyone one was planning to start a collection I would simply say Good luck, and get ready to spend some serious cash.

The reason for this article is to talk a little about someone who we are trying to help. He is trying to go for a full SEGA magazine collection. Now first of all you might think why are we helping someone complete a collection? Well I’m glad you asked. The reason for it is he plans to scan in all the magazines and put them online into a database (that can be searched by keywords) so we can look back at how far we have come.

Wouldn’t it be great to read a few months before the Dreamcast launch to read all the buzz and rumors about the up and coming consoles. Or get a chance to read the first review of Shenmue.

I for one think its a great idea for Sega or even retro fans to be able to look back and read about these magazines.

So this is where you come in. At the moment he has 670 different magazines and only needs 23 more, so if you have a stack of old magazines laying around and you are willing to donate, sell or even just scan them in then please check the list below to see if you have one or more of the missing magazines then please send an email over to

The missing magazines are as followed:

MegaTech : 37,38, 40-44
Mega Drive Advanced Gaming : 25, 31-37
Sega Zone : 22
Sega XS: 24
Sega XS Classics : 19,22
Mega Power : 22
Mega Machines ( not mean machines, this was a landscape printed magazine ) : 1,4
Saturn+ : 3-5
We all know GTA V is out tomorrow. It can be an agonising wait knowing that something which is likely going to win numerous Game of the Year awards won't be in your hands until you've slept again, or until you brave the midnight release session in a few hours, depending on where you are.

The release embargo has been so strict that
retailers were asked not to ship it until today and Sony had removed the pre-load edition of GTA V from PSN due to sneaky hackers accessing some of the content that was provided. As I've gathered from my brother's Facebook picture with the sentiment of "Why is GTA V downloading so slowly", the pre-load embargo has now been lifted and is allowing the download of preordered content. His post indicates frustration that he won't be playing this until tomorrow, but I guess he doesn't realise that it will be locked until midnight BST (he's a British citizen living in Japan but has both a EU and JP PSN account for playing the games in the languages they were originally designed to be played in).

However, rambling about siblings' gripes with PSN download speeds isn't the aim of this article. Oh no, it's to take a stab at the BBC for using ever so slightly sensationalist language in a news article about GTA V. An article about amazon posting GTA V early, which as previously mentioned, R* had instructed them not to do. I find it mildly interesting that people are getting their copies of this masterpiece a few days before most, but it is frustrating that a game which is as close to a complete living and breathing city simulation as a "18-rated violent crime game". It is a violent crime game, yes, but it is so much more. It is, to most gamers, a sandbox environment in which we can do 'whatever the fuck we please' without consequences. These activities can include playing tennis or golf, or even playing the stock market. It's probably because I'm a hardcore gamer who hasn't killed numerous people yet so I don't see the correlation between violent games and violent crimes, but given the vast array of mundane legal activities you can complete in the game it frustrates me that this is what is highlighted. I understand that this is what the game is about, but the BBC (who, if recent news is much to go by, used to employ quite a few paedophiles) highlighting this instead of the fact it's just an incredibly impressive world simulation is frustrating. Crime is something that is possible (and encouraged) in the game, but referring to it as purely a violent crime game is on-par with randomly bringing up the fact that the BBC had people on their payroll who commited sex offences against children.

Anyway, naughty Amazon! I'm sure that Amazon will be getting a slapped wrist from RockStar. Or maybe not. I don't care... you see, if I don't want to watch spoilers for a game then I take action that seems beyond a lot of individuals and don't watch them. Simple as. Granted, browsing sites such as Imgur can occasionally inadvertently lead to you viewing a spoiler, but this is a risk frequent users of these sites are aware of. So my advice to you, the avid gamer who wishes to experience GTA V all first hand is this - don't go onto YouTube and search for 'GTA V'. Simple.

Anyway, I was just having a quick rant about the BBC's sensationalist language and people moaning about spoilers that they're too stupid to realise they don't have to watch.
If recent news is anything to go by, then gamers who use Virgin Media as their broadband provider who are planning on buying a PS4 as their next-gen console are in for a treat with some incredibly fast broadband. The news comes as Sony have struck a deal with Virgin Media (in the UK, and other ISPs throughout Europe), where according to SCEE boss Jim Ryan there will be "bits of the pipe left open to gamers".

This is good news for those of us who, like me, speculate that England's (and likely the rest of Europe's) average broadband speed would not be up to the mammoth task of streaming an entire game through Gaikai. When this feature was first announced I was incredibly sceptical, as not only are Sony's servers notorious for being incredibly slow at times, but the average broadband speed in the UK was roughly 14.7MB/s in May according to OfCom, the UK's communications industry regulator. With a partnership between Sony and Virgin Media leaving specific bandwidth dedicated to gaming, this low average speed hopefully should not hinder the service too much. I won't personally be expecting anything much for a long while until speeds are significantly increased, and recent announcements from Sony that the service will see a delayed launch in Europe only agree with this.

Being primarily a Playstation 3 user, this is good news for me as I have intended to stay in the Playstation half of the court since the announcement of both consoles - potentially having access to the speed of broadband that I *ahem* actually pay for will be a great start, and not having my bandwidth limited due to downloading games will be an added bonus.

So, do people think this gives Sony any form of edge of Microsoft?

Do you think that Microsoft will announce a partnership with BT, only to change their minds and state that this kind of partnership isn't in the interest of gamers? That is a little dig at Microsoft, I'll admit, but this kind of partnership doesn't enourage competition in the networking market which I am a strong advocate of.

Have a well articulated, mature discussion about the superiority one console very obviously has over every other console ever made, without insulting one another's mothers and sexuality. Go on, I challenge you.
It’s no secret that Nintendo’s Wii U has fallen on its face. With low sales, stores starting to refuse to sell it and even developers turning away and no longer supporting it has left Nintendo scratching their heads.

Well the rumour is they have an ace up their sleeve. The gamers want games, and the developers and shops want stronger hardware sales to continue support... how can Nintendo accomplish this? The Nuclear Option!

The report comes from
PCMag that Nintendo are contemplating a nuclear option that consists of porting all of the Nintendo Wii games over to Wii U store and giving them all away for FREE.

Nintendo are now supporting 2TB hard drives which isn't really needed for the current system but if the Nuclear option was to happen a 2TB would be quickly needed.

This would make me even play the Wii U along with millions, sales would increase and this could show developers that the console still has life in it yet.
We have reported a few times that ASDA have been slashing prices on Nintendo’s Wii U in hope to increase sales.

CVG reported that ASDA have now given up and will no longer be stocking the console, games or accessories in their stores.

They do go on to say they will stock some games via merit basis on ASDA Direct website.
Back at E3, Microsoft announced that they would be giving free games away each month.

We have already seen Halo 3, Defence Grid and Assassin's Creed 2.

Today its been reported via
OXM that “a reliable source” is claiming the next 2 free instalments will be Crackdown 1 and Dead Rising 2.

I for one have just bought Dead Rising 2 as it was one of those games I missed out on, and I can honestly say I don't think I missed anything special. But if you are someone who missed out on Crackdown then I strongly suggest downloading this game if the rumours are in fact true.

I've completed it once already and will certainly be doing it again if it becomes free.

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